Why am I here?

For a couple weeks now, I’ve fretted over this post… the first post.

I had lots of ideas, but none of them seemed quite right. I mean really, what do you say? I’ve spent years thinking about, researching, and writing this book, what’s left to say? I’m a writer, an introvert.  I’m not shy in front of a classroom or a microphone for that matter but I don’t stand up in a crowd and yell, “Look at me!” That’s kind of how this feels. But… I’ve been given stewardship of something valuable, a story that needs to be told so, here I am.

My main characters name is John. He’s a teacher… a frustrated teacher struggling to find a balance between all of the things he is required to teach and measure and his desire to speak more deeply into his students lives. He finds help in a strangers tale, becomes frustrated to the point of giving up but is compelled to keep trying, and in the end, finds he had most of the answers all along and has developed a new model for Christians in education.

I’ve written this book because, like John, I’ve been searching for answers. I wanted to give up and in fact, I did… I straight up told God to find someone else because I wasn’t going to do it. Yeah, that didn’t work so well. So, I’ve continued on because I’ve been compelled to. Seriously. I’m convinced that if I hadn’t gotten up and written I wouldn’t have slept for the last year… I slept little enough as it was. I’m not saying it’s the inspired word of God but… the Holy Spirit was involved. There are connections in it I can’t explain, didn’t plan, didn’t know (didn’t know I knew?). Being steward of this story, this model for teaching, has been an incredible experience… and it’s only just begun. I glad He doesn’t take no for an answer sometimes.

It’s an unconventional book. I wrote it in such a way as to be a conversation starter, not something that will give you all the answers… in fact, I guarantee it will leave you with a bunch of questions. (pretty much the secret to the model)

I really hope you’ll read the book and join in the conversation. That’s really why I’m here standing on the table shouting, “Look at me!” It’s about the conversation that needs to happen. Conversation that will change the way you teach and maybe, just maybe, where your students spend eternity.

This blog isn’t about me. It’s about you, about us.

It’s about dialogue.

It’s about our struggles and frustrations.

It’s about your questions and me doing everything I can to answer them.

It’s about spending eternity with our students.

It’s about hope.

If I want to be true to my own model, then the only appropriate way to begin is by asking questions and listening.

So, I want you to do three things:

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  2. Share this post using the buttons on the bottom. As one of this blog’s first readers, I’m not just hoping you’ll tell your friends about it. I’m counting on it.
  3. Leave a comment, telling me where you’re struggling and how I can help

I’ll read the comments. I’ll think about them. I’ll plan this blog around them.

So, tell me. Where are you?

Where are you struggling?

How can I help?

Let’s chat on the rooftop!