What is next?

What is next?

That’s the big question I’ve been asking a lot lately.

I’m asking it now as I tap this out on my iPad 33,000 feet in the air somewhere between Beijing and San Francisco.

I was asking it last night as Pengyou and I enjoyed our last night together up one the rooftop in China. If you’ve read Rooftop Perspectives you know what an important part of my last four years in China those times have been. Now they will be no more. What is next?

In many ways what I’m doing right this moment is part of what’s next. It’s the first step on the new path God has put us on. It’s a big step. One that can’t be retracted. The path must be taken. Each step preordained but hidden from view until taken in faith.

I will never again have those moments of crystal clear perspective up on the rooftop with Pengyou, not because some tragedy struck him down but, because he is on the plane with me. This is our first step in moving back to the US. He’s not allowed on the plane with us in June because of the heat so, we’re on an April adventure I’m not sure either of us is enjoying. I will be back on a plane flying the opposite direction in about 24 hours, returning to China for a short while. Pengyou will start this next adventure before us.

What’s next? We’re moving back to California. This much we know. Beyond that, we’re going to put one foot in front on the other in faith. it is very clear to us that we are being called back… that we have distinct missions to support there. We’re not sure yet just how He is specifically going to use us but we know for sure we’d love to have you along for the ride.

Our mission will be three pronged.

1. What is next for our family? How do we help aging family members?

2. How do we continue to provide relief for the “least of these” Chinese orphans and the families who adopt them? My wife Christie will be publishing her book detailing her experiences working in the orphanages and her perspective as a child adopted by Chinese parents and as mother to an adopted Chinese child… Look out for Where is the Lvoe? Available on Amazon in June. (She may have other books available even sooner if you search)

3. What is next for education? This is my calling and it’s probably best to start a new post for this one. Big things coming soon!

So, what’s next for you?

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