What’s next part II

I realize that my last real post on this blog was almost four years ago and was written on an airplane as I prepared to repatriate to the US. At that time I never would have guessed what was actually going to be next. Sure, we had plans and dreams but He often has plans for us which don’t perfectly follow ours. The last few years has been that kind of time. Let’s just say that the process of repatriation was every bit as hard as adjusting to being an expatriate was. Certain things (like regularly blogging) had to take a backseat. Life happened.

But no times, good or bad, last forever and right now I find myself sitting in an airport again. This time it’s a shorter flight but still a big change of direction yet again. This trip aligns with the hopes and dreams of four years ago. This trip is something of a relaunch of everything this blog was to be about. This trip will be the start of some exciting new things. I’m headed to Pennsylvania to attend an ACSI Leadership Conference as a vendor to promote Rooftop and the biblical integration model in it. I will also for the first time in a very long time be offering in-person training workshops!

I pray God directs my steps and the steps of those at the conferences (several other conferences will follow PA) so that I am able to meet those school leaders who have the same desire for their students education that I do… that theirs will be an education which will change their lives to one with a kingdom vision and saved souls.

I ask that you join me in that prayer and… if you’re ready for me to come talk to the teachers in your school just shoot me an email!

There will be more exciting news in the near future so stay tuned…

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