In case you haven’t seen the new link up in the menu bar… I’m very happy to announce that I am once again offering in-person teacher training workshops! The workshops include three or more sessions which altogether run around six hours (preferably spread over two days) and are customized for your school.

Workshops include a copy of Rooftop Perspectives and a teachers guide that’s only available to workshop attendees for each teacher.


First session- The “Why”

  • Background
  • Expected School-wide Learning Results redefined
  • What is different between a believer and a non-believer
  • Defining and adopting a basic Christian worldview… 5 basic catagories

Second session- focusing and aligning the entire school

  • The power of shared focus
  • The power of questions
  • Creating school-wide focus questions for each worldview category

Third session – focusing and aligning the curriculum

  • This is a hands on interactive session where we learn how to create Focused Essential Questions
  • This session is often best split into several sessions where teachers are grouped by grade level or subject matter.

For more specific information and pricing please shoot me an email through the “Contact” link above.

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