Profile 10-25-13Eric Reenders

I am, a very blessed husband, father of two beautiful daughters (one bio, one adopted), follower of Christ, following his leading, living in China.

I have been/am, a teacher, regional sales manager, realtor, mechanic, inventor, entrepreneur.

I was educated in the both US and abroad, in public and Christian schools, in secular and Christian Universities. I hold a California Multi-subject teaching credential with a Supplemental Authorization in English and CLAD emphasis.

I’ve taught elementary, middle and high school classes, in public and Christian schools, in the US and overseas and have experience-helping homeschool our two girls.

I am far too infrequently found on my boat, far off shore, fishing, in the mountains on my motorcycle, underwater holding my breath with a speargun, clinging to the side of a cliff, tending to the smoker at 3am, sitting in the sun on a blanket with my beautiful wife watching our girls play

I am often found on the rooftop… searching.

I am a writer.