Looking for grace in education? Read Create Your Dream Classroom by Linda Kardamis.

By now it shouldn’t be any surprise that I’m on something of a quest searching for reform in education, looking for something that unites all of us Christians who have taken on the mantle of teacher despite the warning in James 3:1.

I believe one key in this quest is finding ways to disciple our students to develop Christ-centered worldviews. In my first book Rooftop Perspectives I lay out a framework for focusing our curriculum to this end but what we teach is not the only way we influence our students… If fact, it’s probably not even the biggest way we shape their worldview. When it comes right down to it, how we teach may have a much bigger impact… especially if how we teach doesn’t align with what we teach.

As I research material for my next book I’ve been exploring the theme of grace in education which I think is another key piece in discipling our students. Grace needs to be clearly evident in how we teach.

I tend to keep most of things I research pretty close to my vest when I’m writing but I have to share a book by Linda Kardamis titled Create Your Dream Classroom: Save Your Sanity, Escape the Rut, Sharpen Your Skills


…even though grace isn’t specifically mentioned.

Create Your Dream Classroom contains fifty four short lessons aimed at helping teachers take control of their classrooms and turn it into a place where grace abounds. The lessons are very clear and concise and each provides the reader a time to stop and reflect about what they have been doing in their classroom. It has encouraging tips for applying the lessons in your classroom and for connecting with a community of like-hearted peers. Reading Create Your Dream Classroom is much like sitting down with a great master teacher and listening to them give you their hard-earned wisdom one day at a time.

Create Your Dream Classroom is a must read for new teachers… if I were an administrator it would be required reading for all staff. The insights it provides are priceless for new teachers and much needed refreshment for seasoned veterans.

If you’re looking to improve your teaching, to disciple your students faith, to make a lasting impact or their lives (or even just to survive this year), this is a book you must read.


  1. Simon Bentley


    Is your book out anytime soon?

    I’m hoping to write a dissertation that focuses on grace in the classroom. I’m amazed I found this website, as so far it’s something I’ve not come across, but think it’s so vital.

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